The Pacific Northwest is full of untamed wilderness.  Wild Isle is all about taking inspiration from the wilderness. 

Simple, local, and wild are words that best describe Chef Jade Berg’s food philosophy. For his entire adult life, Chef Berg has lived and cooked on Canada’s west coast. Jade’s passion for wild food, along with the culture and tastes of the Pacific Northwest, is evident in his cooking now more than ever.

After years as a professional chef in restaurants, on the water, and in private residences, Chef Jade Berg is happy to share this passion with you now through his cooking with Wild Isle.

Private Cooking

Creating exceptional experiences of all kinds.

Enjoy a private dinner in the comfort of your own home or dinner on the beach cooked over the fire.

Book a chef to accompany you on your expeditions near and far to keep giving you more time to focus on making memories both on your adventures and around the table at the end of the day. 

Contact us to create your Wild experiences today.

Fire-based Cooking

“Hospitality consists of a little fire, a little food, and an immense quiet.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Something special about a meal cooked over an open flame. No two dishes will ever be the same. People have been gathering around a fire to eat since the discovery of fire. A dinner cooked over fire evokes many primal memories.

Book Jade to cook in your camp, remote, or close to home. Bring your own wild game and learn how to prepare it. Or sit back and visit while the fire crackles. These are the kind of memories that last a lifetime.


Offering cooking classes at venues across Vancouver Island.

Learn how to utilize, forage, and prepare the food growing all around us.

Offering custom cooking classes personal or group classes available to build your confidence in the kitchen.


November 12th2022

5:30pm – 930pm
Raven’s Moon Cidery
Eat Local! Cooking Class With Chef Jade BergWe have access to world-class ingredients in the Pacific Northwest. Learn how to prepare seasonal restaurant-style dishes with Chef Jade.
November 20th2022

5:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Nox Restaurant
Wilderness Kitchen experience at Nox Restaurant Ft. Chef JadeThe Indian Pantry along with our friends at Nox Restaurant will be bringing the wilderness kitchen experience to you! A rare night of creative dishes that are being forged by Chef Tushar & Chef Jade. The duo will be collaborating to bring you a night filled with riveting, innovative, and just maybe a Chef vs Wild-like ingredients that will blow your mind! Will you dare to take the adventure?

Interview with Today in BC


We had an amazing dinner! It was lovely. An unforgettable experience. What a night!
Chelsea H.
Jade and his team did an exceptional job creating the most amazing 4-course meal for a very special occasion. Jade is warm, friendly, and passionate about his work. The food was out of this world! Thank you for an amazing culinary experience!

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